Our story

21st January 2017..... Manchester Women's march.
Both working in fashion neither of us were changing the world, and after the march we realised we felt "shallow but empowered".  It was then that we decided we could use our shallow skillz for good and design some cool tees, with important things to say and hopefully make some money to share with those who could really do with it. 
We have a daughter and we want her to have exactly the same opportunities as if she had been a son.  Feminism, female empowerment, gender equality, whatever you want to call is as important today as it's ever been and that's why feminism was our first cause and remains at the heart of everything we do. 
We know not everything's sweet for everyone and so the charity element is really important to us.  10% from every sale will go direct to The Pankhurst Trust (incorporating Manchester Women's Aid), check out our Charity page for more info.   We love Manchester, our tees are printed in an old manc mill and our daughter is a little worker bee.  We want to give something back to this city that we call home sweet home.   
We think fashion is a great way to get people talking and we want our tees to start conversations.  We’ll never stop shouting "girl power", but we're also shouting “Respect your Mother” and “Save the Planet”. Check out our FAQ page for more on sustainability and our Revived range of upcycled clothing.